The people behind the (future)  releases! Otome Scans could not have asked for a better team but we always need new members!

animealiceName: Animealice
Position: Editor, Typesetter
About: Well I don’t know what to say. I’m a 19 year old female. I enjoy everything involving anime and manga including Doujinshi and fanfic.

juneName: supersleuther
Position: C > E translator
About: An Ex-NEET. Also a translator at Fried Squid Scans.


supersleutherName: june
Position: J > E translator
About: super lazy. always procrastinating on steam.


imageedit_2_8139389619Name: Nemu
Position: J > E translator
About: I’m an always sleepy college student. I like to roll down grassy hills.

jeanName: meganehara
Position: Proofreader
About: A megane boy addict. This about section says “anything goes” but I’m definitely going for you winkwink

jiaName: Jia Yukozawa
Position: Proofreader
About: Shortie yandere chick you don’t want to mess with. In love with Haninozuka Mitsukuni. Moe.

erenName: `Oppa
Position: Proofreader
About: The name’s Sally, I like to be call by other nicknames, because I find it fun and unique. I love to eat sweets like Starbursts, skittles, and such things except chocolate. My birthday is on December 26th, so give me some good luck wishes.I guess I’m a total weirdo, but that’ll be of your digression.

unnamedName: Nishineko
Position: Cleaner
About: Yaoi fangirl; a pessimistic introvert. Nyahahaha. I LOVE CATS.

AvatarName: chee
Position: Editor
About: I like apples… (Sorry =.=” I’m not really good with talking about myself)


5 Responses to Staff

  1. yukifubuki says:

    question: how long does it usually take to process a application?

  2. snkypk says:

    Hi Otome,
    Hope everybody’s ok. I’ve been looking forward to your projects from the get go. Please tell me you’re on hiatus and not shut down, cause I enjoy you guys so much.

    • kiekie895 says:

      Hello! I’m hoping were not on shutdown! Right now I’m looking for translators that will stay but that has yet to be seen… Our translators usually quit or stop working. Hopefully I can find somebody soon!

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