Happy Birthday!!! Belated….

So as a Admin I need to tell everyone something… I am a failure! Our birthday was on Saturday and instead of celebrating this and posting chapters I was to busy eating ice cream and watching Charlie Brown. I didn’t forget…but I left my laptop at my apartment and to be honest I was not driving back to get it….

Anyways! Otome Scans has turned 1!!! YAY!!!

I don’t want to make this post super long but I would like to make a few heartfelt thank you’s! First I want to thank all my staff members, everyone does a great job. and always has great attitudes. I know I’m not the best leader but thank you for sticking around! I would like to give extra thanks Oppa, Lala, and Ellevora!! You guys have been with me for the longest and not once have you guys abandoned me! I love my Team!! Lastly I would like to say thanks to Steph!! She may be gone now but she was my member and she helped and supported me a lot throughout the process!

We have a lot of releases today so enjoy!! ( As usual download links will be available in 3 days!!)

Tsuki no Shizumu made Chapter 7 (HERE)

Tsuki no Shizumu made Chapter 8 (HERE)

Boku no Yasashii Oniisan Chapter 6 (HERE)

Kumo wo Koroshita Otoko Chapter 2 (HERE)

Our next release isn’t far off! And to help you figure it out it’s a new manga from our upcoming list; It starts with a K; And its by the same mangaka as K-sensei from Girl’s Generation Scan…

edit 11/30: Links are up!

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Boku no Yasashii Oniisan Chapter 5 and extra

Guten Tag!

It’s been a while since our last release, and for that I want to apologize! Recently our dear pal supersleuther had to leave us for personal reasons. I miss her so much but the show must go on. We only have a few translators so our releases are going to be a little  slow. If you know anybody  is interested in being a translator please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at animealice@ymail.com!

Today I present Boku no Yasashii oniisan chapter 5 (Here) and a short extra (Here).These two chapters conclude volume 1!!!! YAY!! Now onto volume 2….

Edit 9/17: Download links are now available! Sorry about the wait!

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Chapter 6 of Tsuki no Shizumu Made available to read on batoto: click. (QC-ed and cleaned at the speed of light by our ninjas. Join our team today!)

Chapter 4 of Boku no Yasashii Oniisan is available to read here: click. (It’s been a while…sorry for the lack of updates on this series. Releases should be more frequent after Volume 1 is completed because we won’t have gutter marks to clean out.)

The Zip files for both releases will be made available in 3 days time and will be password protected.

On a completely different note, Volume 1 of Ima Ichiko’s “Homeless Salaryman” will go on sale in Japan in July! If anyone lives there and would be willing to help us acquire the raws, please leave a comment and we can discuss the details :)

[edit 11/June] I guess by now most people have realised that “3 days” is not really 3 days m(_ _)m. Download links are all up. Now more waiting until the next release woohoo!

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I am beside myself…

finally, a release!

Tsuki no Shizumu Made chapter 5 is now available to read here. Download links will be up in three days and will be password protected are up on the project page. Passwords as per usual.

We are recruiting:

  • Japanese to English translators
  • Cleaners, Editors (experience preferred)
  • Quality checkers (experience preferred, urgent…nah, desperate!)

If anyone is wondering about Boku no Yasashii Oniisan, chapter 4 is awaiting a QC.

[Edit 25/5] Woah time flies. Sorry for the lateness! Download links are now up (see above). In addition, statuses are now listed next to chapters.

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Akuma ni kiss wo prologue release

Good Afternoon,

The prologue chapter for Akuma ni kiss wo is now available here

The plan was to continue the series but seeing as we are lacking scans we will be unable to do so. But never fear Blissful Sin is also working on this manga and unlike us they have scans beyond the prologue.

We are need of Translators! Summer is almost here so why not spend your time doing something fun, like translating ?!  Please contact us if you would be interested in working with us lovely ladies!

Until next time! Adieu~

[Edit 4/26] Download links are now available. Sorry for it being so late I’ve been busy with school. It’s that time of year…. Final exams.

[Edit 4/26] Future Projects tab is now up!

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