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Otome Scans is on a continuous recruiting drive. We always are.

Glorious role descriptions:

  1. Translator: Japanese > English translators apply here! Some projects do not have furigana so we will allocate them depending on your ability. There will be a test for this role. Experience is not needed.
  2. Proofreader: Requires fluency in English, and excellent knowledge of grammar and punctuation (click here for guidelines). Experience preferred. Tools: Translations, (raws), word processor.
  3. Cleaner: Experienced cleaners are preferred. If you are a newcomer, please read through some cleaning tutorials (external links available in our Extra page) before applying for this role. You will need to clean, clone, redraw…the full works. Tools: Image Editor (preferably Adobe Photoshop), raws or pre-typeset files.
  4. Typesetter: Sets the typeface and pastes the translations and sound effects into their appropriate places on the image. This role is particularly suited for someone who is pedantic about their font metrics and overall presentation. Tools: Image Editor (preferably Adobe Photoshop), translations, cleans or raws, appropriate fonts.
  5. Editor: All-round ninja, who cleans, edits and proofreads. Experience required.
  6. Quality Checker: Does final checks before chapter is released. Is actually more work than it sounds. Please only apply for this role if you have editing experience.

Just fill out the application form below!

*Please remember to mention if you have had any scanlating experience (duration, project titles, etc.) and explain your previous roles. If possible please include links to examples of your work.

You can also list the projects you are interested in working on from our current or future list if it applies.

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