Otome Scans is run by manga-lovers for manga-lovers. We focus on josei, yaoi and shoujo.

Terms of Use and Disclaimer

All original manga is owned by the mangaka and publisher. Please support the mangaka by purchasing releases when they become available in your country. Otome Scans do not claim anything except for the translations and editing of the scans. We will pull our works if the manga becomes licensed in English.

Our releases are for personal use only. Please do not re-host, redistribute or upload our releases onto any manga reader websites. The only website we currently use is Batoto.net. Download links will be made available 3 days after chapters are released and will be password protected.

Finally, this is a fan initiative to translate great manga not yet licensed in English. It is strictly not for profit. We are doing this for fun and in our spare time so please refrain from badgering us for more releases.

Thank you very much for reading.

[Download Policy and Passwords]

Support the mangakas and buy the licensed editions

Places to buy original (aka Raw) manga

Site related credits
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