Another Recruitment Notice

Our proofreading positions are now closed. But wait. Wipe those tears! Otome Scans is still looking for:

  • Cleaners – No experience is needed because we will be training you spartan style! You will acquire all the necessary ~skillz~ so you can do some basic redrawing as well.
  • Typesetters – No experience is needed either. (Yes, we’re very desperate.)
  • Editors – Think you can take on both the roles?  *supersleuther faints from shock/joy*
  • Translators – I am the only one active at the moment. If you are fluent or reasonably advanced at either Japanese or Chinese, please let us know. As a translator, you get the perk of choosing your projects!

Further details on what the roles entail and how to apply are all available here. Some links to helpful tutorials for cleaning/editing are here. If you have any questions regarding the roles, please leave a comment!

That is all.

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