Officially added Tsuki no Shizumu Made to our Current Projects list. We have so much more we want to do but our team is tiny and lacking in man(women)power! Animealice is cleaning and typesetting all our projects on her own (hint hint) whilst we hand her sweat towels and give her shoulder rubs. Please consider joining us! I’m not kidding, you could be putting down “Manga Scanlator” on your CV!

We now have two new proofreaders to put to work (yay our family is growing!). But I’m giving my bambi eyes out to anyone who would be willing to come and help us clean and typeset! *cries*

Sincerely yours,


[edited Dec 25] In a bid to pull more applications, I have added a resources page which has links to cleaning/redrawing tutorials. This could well be sign of desperation!

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2 Responses to Updates

  1. Valja says:

    I’ve seen only now that you’ve added Tsuki no Shizumu Made to the list. Thanks for picking it up! I’ve read the first chapter some time ago and it seemed very interesting!

    • Glad you’re interested in it! Miyagi Tooko is a great mangaka. I can’t promise releases too soon cause of our typesetter situation but do keep a look out for the series on Mangaupdates or Batoto x

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