Koigokoro wa Neko o mo Nurasu COMPLETE!!


Sorry for the late release!! I told everyone this chapter would be posted last week but here I am now posting it a week later. All I have to say is… SCHOOL. It consumes all of your time.

This is the final chapter of Koigokoro wa Neko o mo Nurasu so BONSAI!! Our first completed manga! Tsuki no shizumu made is almost complete too :) … Chapter 3 can be found here and as usual will be available for download in 3 days.

In other news the poll will be up for another week so please put your last minute votes in!!

Lastly our group has been working on Sensei wa Ore no Mono(baka) and we will be releasing those chapter starting this month! All the chapters up until 10 can be read here The releases will be out of order because my order of volume 2 had just came in so chapter 11 and 12 are still being translated. Chapters 13-18 are almost finished so we will be releasing these chapters and once chapters 11 and 12 are finished we will post them.

Until next time!!

Edit 2/4: Download links are available!!

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This post is here in order to clear a few misunderstandings that have arose since the poll came up. One of the comments was why pick up a new project when you can’t finish your current projects. I found this sort of rude but it is true, so I will explain our current situation.  As I have stated we currently only have one Chinese Translator. This means that all our projects must be available in Chinese and not require a lot of work. The raws we have for Boku no Yasashii Oniisan and Kumo wo Korshita Otoko are in Japanese and we are having a hard time obtaining the Chinese raws. If you know of a place were we can get them and that ships to the USA please share! That would be great! The last chapter of Koigokoro wa Neko o mo Nurasu will be posted in the morning, and the last chapter of Tsuki no Shizumu Made is currently being cleaned so that will be out in February.

After this is all said and done we will have nothing to work after the final chapters of Tsuki no Shizumu Made and Koigokoro wa Neko o mo Nurasu are released. Thus that is why we are looking for a new project. The manga listed on the poll are all books that are completed, in Chinese, and we have the complete raws for!

I hope this clears up in any confusion and allows you to vote for a manga! We will be taking the top 2 manga and starting our work!!

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Poll is up!

Help us decide our next project! Any request? Leave the title of the manga and artist in the comments below!

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New Chapter!

Yay!! I actually finished on time!! Yay!! Well here is chapter 2 of Koigokoro wa Neko wo mo Nurasu. I will try to finish chapter 3 (the last chapter) by next Saturday but it might not be uploaded until Sunday. In other news I have good news and bad news…. Good news: I have found a few interesting manga that I think would be fun to do so I am going to post a poll to see which manga you guys would like to read. The poll will be up tomorrow so please come back to vote! Bad news: If we don’t get another translator we will have to drop Boku no Yasashii Onii-san… Don’t hate us!! But we are REALLY short on staff so without another translator we won’t be able to continue this project. I hope we have some better news next week…. See you then!

Edit 1/21: Download links are now available!

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Happy New years….


Well it definitely has been a while since the new year started but I hope everyone had a great holiday! Did anyone eat fruitcake or drink eggnog? I’ve never had fruitcake but I love eggnog so I’m going to miss drinking it. The holiday’s are such a fun time, it’s to bad they only come once a year…

We have a few projects piled up but due to the lack of staff it’s going to take a while to get through it all. We are recruiting for all positions:

  • Cleaners
  • Editors
  • Proofreaders
  • Typesetters
  • Quality Checkers

If you or anyone you know is interested please let us know! You can apply under the join Us tab!

Onto today’s release!

Koigokoro wa neko o mo nurasu is a 3-chapter manga spin off to K-Sensei which Girls generation Scans has translated. You can read the manga here. I believe this is suppose to be the prequel but I’m not a 100% postive about that. Chapter 2 is being typesetted so that should be released by next Saturday but I start college again this week so I might get distracted…

The chapter can be found here and as usual the download link will be available in 3 days.

See you again soon!!!

1/13 Edit: Download Links are now available under the Koigokoro wa Neko o mo Nurasu  page

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